Building a Home Addition Versus Buying a Larger Home

Sooner or later, many homeowners find that their home is no longer big enough for their needs. Maybe you had a child, maybe you had to take in some relatives, or maybe you just want some extra space so you can entertain more guests. No matter the reason, you are left with the choice between buying a new home or expanding the one you already own.

Due to the uncertainties in the housing market today, many homeowners are opting to add an additional room or two rather than risk losing the equity they have built up in their current home. Adding new rooms to your home not only gives you more space to live in, it greatly increases the value of your house. If the time ever does come when you want to sell, you will be glad that you made the investment.

Buchanan Builders has been in the construction business for decades, and we can help keep the home you live in the home you want to stay in. We will work with you to examine your existing floor plan and identify the best way to add on new living space without wrecking your budget. Imagine how you will feel when you wake up tomorrow and find that the home you were growing tired of has become your dream home once again.

Buchanan Builders has the experience and expertise to help you with the following additions:


Bathrooms – New bathrooms can add a whole new level of comfort to your home. No more waiting in line to take a shower or brush your teeth. Because of the plumbing, a new bathroom is a complex job that should not be taken on by weekend DIY'ers. Buchanan Builders can add an additional bathroom to your home that meets all residential codes and will look great as well.


Sun Rooms – Everyone needs a place to relax and there is no better place to unwind than in your very own Sun Room. Enjoy the views of your backyard or neighborhood and reconnect with your good friends on a lazy weekend. A sun room gives you a place to let the stress fall away and gives your children a place to play when the weather outside is frightful.


Bedrooms and Nurseries – The thing about families is that they have a natural tendency to get bigger over time. Buchanan Builders can help you give your new family members a comfortable place they can call their own. No matter if it's a new baby or a grown adult, we can help you design and build a new room to accommodate them in style and comfort.


Living Rooms, Dens, and Offices – Sometimes you need more space so that you can get the privacy you need to do your job. Sometimes you need more space so that your family and friends can relax and enjoy each others company or watch the big game. No matter what your needs for additional space may be, Buchanan Builders can handle the job.


With over 20 years experience in construction, remodeling, and contracting, Buchanan Builders has the tools, experience, and expertise to handle all aspects of your home addition. From the framing to the plumbing to the flooring and paint on the walls, we are confident that we can make your house into your dream home once again. Give Buchanan Builders a call today so that we can arrange a consultation.


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